Realistic flight stats for Diaspora ! (Ace_v2-1.5b_Speed_x2_B_II) 2.3.7

Last updated: 2021-11-14 13:07

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Ace_v2-1.5b_Speed_x2_B_II (test version) -Version for experienced level pilots, with high maneuverability and acceleration. -Acceleration of the Poscombustion divided by 1.666 (x3), increase of the speed of 100 m/s, and that of the PC of 250 m/s. (linear acceleration : +0.5s/ maneuverability : +1.0s for all angle rotation) -Decrease the maniability for all Colonnial fighters at 0.5s. (for yaw & pitch axes) * Gun firing angle => 10° (for all difficulty levels of the game) * Getting started with the game and optimizing the gameplay: -keyboard/mouse => no -Joystick => yes